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Living in Dubai – RENT

As I mentioned on my previous blog, the most expensive thing here in Dubai is your house rent, for bed space only (bunk bed) the average payment is AED650.00 or PHP9,000.00 as of our rate today in the Philippines, sometimes including DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority), most of the time it is NOT, and electricity might cost you AED100-150 a month per person depends on the season (Winter/Summer) so all the people in that flat will share the cost. Usually, Flat tenants here accept more bed-spacers than required, some to get additional income, others just to have someone to share the high cost. If you want to feel more comfortable and have privacy, then pay more. Most Filipinos prefer for the cheaper one, and some don’t have a choice because you also need to budget your salary every month, and average starting salary here is AED2,000.00 – AED2,500.00 depending what position/company you are in, and it might increase as you are getting more experience here.


BUNK BED (DOUBLE DECK) as shown above pictures are the common space you can own here. With only curtain or a piece of cloth on the sides to make your own privacy, there are for ladies only, for bachelors only and MOSTLY COMBINED 😦 what to do yani? In here even couples share in a bed space to cut the cost, and just imagine how they do that ‘Thing” with someone sleeping up or down of the bunk bed, well, as they call it here, KALIWALI. People here, mostly kabayans can adjust easily, as long as it is NOT too much disturbing and irritating.


PARTITION, a “little privacy”, a room but not really a room. What? Yes, there are many types of it, the first one, you will have a small space, sometimes curtain only or the wood divider/cover or wood partition as they call it. Partition ranges from AED900 to AED1,800 inclusive/exclusive of DEWA (depends on the owner) and this prices also depends on the location in Dubai / UAE you are living. It hurts a lot on someone’s pocket to pay that much just to have your own peace and privacy for yourself.

And take note that even you have your own partition or room or bed space, being peaceful still relies on whom you are sharing the flat with, and the flat owner. How clean they are, how noisy, how trustworthy and so on are some of the factors you need to consider for living here.

As we are getting closer to Expo2020, prices are getting much higher and higher especially for RENT and many are taking advantage of this and the salary is almost not getting better. To own a studio flat starts at AED35,000 per year without the agency fees, electricity deposits and so on, imagine the cost of a 1 Bedroom flat? Some people chose to travel to other Emirates which offers cheaper rents, but need to endure the traffic, petrol cost, and long travel either via public transportation or own vehicle.

Lucky are those who are provided by company accommodation, I mean good companies where you can share with 1 or 2 colleagues in 1 room, or for you a, one if you are in a High Rank position. Pity for those average workers who needs to tighten their budget and still sends money to their family back home. Reality check, living abroad is not a bed of roses. There are lots of difficulties in so many aspects. Don’t expect everything here are FINE. They are NOT, but the high spirit of workers especially Filipinos here are extra ordinary, we can still smile and go on despite the struggles we are facing. All for the love of our family back home. 🙂

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