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The OFW Selfies!

I remembered one day, a good friend of mine ask me for a favor, “Ate (sister), I have an assignment in my English class, can you help me make a short speech? What do you think is a catchy topic?” then I looked to her deeply, this girl takes her pictures and everything all the time and I haven’t seen anyone like her in my life… So I replied, put OFW SELFIES.. LOL!!! And so I taught…

I think most of the people nowadays, and I am talking about “worldwide phenomenon”  are taking their pictures and posting it in every social media they have and we call it as “SELFIE” or “GROUPIE” even celebrities make songs out of it, getting the right angle of your face, in different places, situations, scenarios and even emotions. In fact I am one of the guilty person here but not that much i think. And once the filtering is perfect? Wallah! UPLOAD, Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, Twitter and other social media applications, then waiting for someone to react and comment.

“Raise your hand if you are guilty” LOL!

However, We, as a OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers), oftentimes, actually post the places we’ve been, posts good-looking pictures, food that we are going to eat, restaurants or bars. Which most of the time our relatives or friends back home were thinking,

“WE” got a lots of money, WE are HAPPY, WE are spending lots. “Iba na talaga narating” or “yabang naman neto” or “ganda ng buhay niya, dami siguro pera” or “puro gala at kain sa labas, me naiipon ba naman?”

These common Filipino traits and mentality are very normal for us, accept it or not, we judge easily, say things that maybe below the belt. But what you see, sometimes is not the reality here, look deeper, each and everyone have their own stories to tell, behind those cameras and selfie smiles.

Truth is, reality bites, they don’t know the hardship, they don’t know how much homesickness we felt, they don’t know that some of us here, just see the places without even spending much, just to have a good background or remembrance. They don’t know how many nights we cried, the difficulty of working abroad, dealing with other nationalities and characteristics. But, they JUST see us like “WE ARE HAPPY”, because we will not post our own SELFIES that we, most of the time are lonely or have work problems and financials, and so on. This is the best part of us as Filipinos, no matter how hard it is for us, no matter how heartbreaking every experiences we got, as much as possible, we don’t let our families back home to feel it, to know it. We will always pretend we are OK, even though we are not, even if they were thinking the other way.

Most of them don’t know the truth, they just know how to criticize.

The OFW SELFIE we can say, how determined Filipinos are, how strong, how we can face and smile in front of our cameras, hiding the real feelings inside. This is the truth behind some of the stories of OFWs. Life ain’t perfect here, we just want our photos to be.  Happy Reading! Cheers!