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Using WordPress – A First-Timer

I’ve been writing blogs before but using other free sites. Been idle and stopped writing since last quarter of 2015, I guess.

This month of August, I just felt that I need to go back on it. I don’t know what kind of spiritual thing or eagerness I had, that I must just DO IT. 

I was comparing WordPress and Blogger before, and some say WordPress is more complicated to use than the other.  Blogger most of all is FREE, one of the things why I hesitated choosing WordPress, what can I get in here in return for spending money just for a domain? I told myself, nothing. I wasn’t interested.

“But hey, it is not too late to change my mind right? (grin)”

I just found myself here, checking, and registering as a free member. I was just amazed by the themes and how clean it looks. Starts posting and after 4 days, I upgraded as a Premium Member. I am not that “Computer Genius” and all and until now I am honestly still trying to figure some customization and features of this. But I know eventually I will be use to it. The thing is I never regretted upgrading and I am enjoying being here. Hope this will be the start for me to be active once again, continuously… Happy blogging!computer-vision


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