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Living in Dubai – FOOD

So here we are, we got some information regarding the house/space rents. Your shelter is OK? Now let’s talk about the “food” here in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates in general.

If you think you gonna be missing so much Filipino Cuisines here, nah!!! Almost everything are available in this land. From your fave pansit canton, vegetables, itlog na pula, sardines (cans), GG (galung-gong) and even TUYO (dried fish) which other nationalities hate too much to smell. LOL!!! 🀣🀣🀣 – but beware tuyo here are expensive “ginto” ika nga, the tuyo that we hate sometimes back home – “lagi na lang tuyo ulam” is kinda gold here… If you miss cooking pork, don’t worry, selected supermarkets are selling them. Also available are ingredients like mama cita, magic sarap, patis (fish sauce), bagoong (fish paste) and so on.





Or if 1 day you are that too lazy to cook, there are lots of Filipino well-known restaurants here, our very own Jollibee (🎡🎀I love you Sabado 🎀🎡) already invaded Dubai, Chowking, Max’s, Cabalen, Lamesa and so on. There are also some small Filipino restaurants which serves home-made cuisines like adobo, bicol express, bulalo, sisig and more, it’s real “nagkalat sila” (they are everywhere).

Adjusting your taste buds are not that hard.

I am sure you will also enjoy other cuisines. You are in the Middle East, so why not try some Arabic delicacies? Which I guarantee you will never regret. Try the Hummus, tabouleh (salad), kebab, shawarma, falafel and many more.πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›



laham mishwee

Indian Cuisines are also one of the main food here, why? The number one expatriates living here in the UAE are from India, next are from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines and so on. Honestly never have I ever taught of enjoying this delicacies with some of their freaky spicy food, all my colleagues are from South India, so what do you expect? You can try their Biryani (fish, mutton or chicken –Β 1st photo below), appam, puttu or South Indian combination of different vegetables serve on a banana leaf (2nd photo below)



So, if you are not that “maarte” (picky), you don’t need to adjust much with what you eat back from your home country, because ALMOST Everything are available here, from Asian cuisines like Philippines, China, Japan, Thailand, India etc, to Western, Arabic and many more.β™₯β™₯β™₯


Photos from google images


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