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Living in Dubai – RULES & SAFETY

Abide the rules of this country and be safe.

Tell me any country that doesn’t have a law… None?

In every land, there will be their own rules, which we need to abide, no matter how weird or hard it is to follow. Respect each country’s regulations and don’t get yourself into a predicament afterwards.

UAE has been known to be one of the countries that have the lowest violent crime rate in the world. No matter how many expatriates live in this land, they are very strict on implementing their laws doesn’t matter wherever country you came from. (Crime in the United Arab Emirates)

Some of the Don’ts here in UAE are:

  • Proper dress code – Dress modestly especially in conservative and public ares – this applies for residents and visitors. Shorts and T-shirts are fine, but prohibited inside a mosque and other religious sites.
  • Cross-dressing is a big NO, it might lead you to detainment by authorities once caught.
  • Do not sleep or eat inside a Metro Station/Train, Bus and waiting areas (Fine AED 100.00)
  • Unauthorized ride on Gold Class and Female section of the train (Fine AED 100.00)
  • Public display of Affection, although holding hands are acceptable, kissing and hugging in public are not.
  • Drinking in public areas, you can drink inside your home only if you have permit, or go to some hotels or bars that serves alcohol.
  • Taking pictures or videos and uploading it, especially without the permission of the person, that person can file a complaint against you.
  • Showing bad hand gesture and speaking bad language is also not allowed.
  • During the Holy month of Ramadan, non-fasting and visitors should be very sensible to follow certain etiquette strictly like (no drinking and eating publicly, proper dress code, smoking, bars should not operate on this 30 day period)
  • The following are also considered illegal: use or possession of drugs, cohabitation, sex outside of marriage, having a baby out-of-wedlock, adultery and homosexuality
  • an-american-woman-has-been-in-an-abu-dhabi-jail-for-two-months-for-insulting-the-united-arab-emirates

So if you can’t follow these simple rules, then stay out of this country because they really implement these things, unless you wanna be deported or serve terms inside the cell. Abiding simple laws and rules makes the people here more responsible with their actions.

And for the SAFETY? Yes, I do feel safe here. Ambulance and police will respond to a situation within minutes, they deploy mobiles regularly rounding and checking in every corner of their jurisdiction. And when you accidentally left your valuable in a place, very rare that someone will take it, either it is still there or someone will bring it to a lost and found section. Being safe also depends on you and how you behave in a foreign land.

For more information visit the link below

Dubai Police & Ambulance Emergency Number – 999

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