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Living in Dubai – The “Surots” (Bed Bugs)

“EEEEEWWWW!!!” This will be your hair-raising scream once you see these pests!

BED BUGS will be one of the most hate thing here in U.A.E. In my 30+ years of existence here on earth, never have I ever seen a bed bug, at least not in my home country, maybe we have there but not same like this. When I arrived here and stayed with my friend looking for a job, we stayed in a 3 bedroom flat somewhere in Bur Dubai with Filipino men and women, at night I will be awaken with something that’s crawling on my neck, my arms or my legs, at first I taught it was just a normal cockroach or I am just dreaming, and I usually ignores it. Or I am also too much occupied thinking that time what will be my life here in Dubai or because I am too tired for the all-day-searching-job and walking.

Until one day, my friend asked me “have you seen any bedbugs yet?” and then he explained to me this and that and so on. He even showed me one, and killed it by pinching it with a tissue, hearing a “TIK” sound and there’s the blood spat. YUCK!
After a month, me and my friend shift to another flat, and there I saw the worst. Too much of them! Under the mattress, walls, even roof, (Just please help me re-imagine that scene) So, these are the ones bugging me at night. Again after a month I was luckily hired but the company is located a bit far from where I am staying at, so I need to change flat again and leave Bur Dubai after 2 months of being there. In here, only 4 ladies in 1 studio flat. Still, I am / we are encountering bed bugs sometimes, even though we clean our stuffs and flat always, still they visit us, LOL!!! Regular insect sprays will not eliminate them totally. But at least its better here than before and I’ve learned how to deal with them, almost.
You will know yourself if these creatures are invading your place when you feel itchy, will have tiny bite marks, or will never have a good damn sleep.! There will also some signs like some black spots on your mattress, side of your bed or cabinets.


So, how can you get rid of this? For me the best solution is to call a PEST CONTROL and let them do the thing. But we can not always do this right??? And it will cost us how much in Dirhams?
Other solution is to keep your house clean, AS IN CLEAN! No Excuses if you want to get rid of this. Checking the mattress, pillows, beds, clothes and so on. Check thoroughly if you decided to buy second-hand furniture. Sometimes even we know to ourselves that we are clean, and we are cleaning regularly, still we are not safe, because this pests can be brought to your home by your friends from their home, or your flat-mates from wherever they went day by day. Just maintain a regular cleaning and checking because it can multiply very fast and bed bugs are a very good survivor.

Guys, are they welcome in your place? For me, it’s a BIG NO! NO! as they will give you nightmares, stress, itching and scratches, and the worst, when you have visitors and notice that you have “pets” lurking in your flat how are you able to explain them? It’s a shame. Here are some tips from wikiHow on how to get rid of them. Have a safe and free bed bug life. ♥♥♥
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