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Who I am & Why I am Here?

Who I am? Let us start with the basic, I am a 30-plus-year-old woman, a mother of three kids, Filipino, eldest amongst my seven siblings, became instant parents when my mom and dad decided to part ways, started a family life at a very young age, separated and now struggling to survive and working overseas. A woman with so many worries and depressions, so many mistakes from the past that are still hunting me until today. So many regrets and miseries, but also a woman with so many dreams, trying to compensate in this world, trying to be strong and strive hard to make things better, not just for me but for my three offspring I left back home. I am in between of being a kind person nor a bitch, an angel and a demon who collides within me. Above all of these, just a simple woman who wanted to have peace, harmony and happiness, no matter how hard it is to have.

Why I am here? I kinda asked that myself before, for someone like me who’s very sensitive, having insecurities, doesn’t trust myself enough. Afraid of criticism and rejection. But it comes to a point in my life that I just said “fuck off!”, I will do whatever my heart is whispering to my inner soul, we have one life to live, and I found myself relieved, and feels fulfillment whenever I write something, and when some people will tell me, “I was touched by it, I can relate”, that for me, is simply an overwhelming achievement, for someone like me who ain’t professional on this and needs to check how many damn times if my grammar and all are correct.

In addition to this, I just want to express my feeling in terms of blogging, not just being an expatriate here in the Middle East but about life in general and everything that comes in between. I also wanna know and write stories of other people abroad, to inspire, learn, and give lessons to some.