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The Walking Dead S8 – Are You Ready Yet?

It all begun in 2010, when it was first premiered by AMC, since then I became an avid, crazy, fanatic follower of this series, The Walking Dead. It is story of a zombie apocalypse, the lost of loved ones, friendship, betrayal, family, survival, and of course more of guts, and guts, and guts, and brain blowing scenes, so if you are faint-hearted, do not attempt.

Season 8 will be air this October 22nd, and I am excited beyond words. Here below is the official TRAILER, and the way they made it, even the background music will leave us wondering what will happen between Rick’s group and his new alliances versus psycho Negan and his group. Plus the brow-raising last scene of Rick waking up in a hospital-be-like bed, remember season 1? Don’t tell me the speculations are true? NO!

I’ll leave it here, enjoy the trailer and comment for anything playing inside your mind. LOL!