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The Terminal

One day, I was waiting for a friend to arrive, and her flight was delayed, SUCKS! So I need to sit in a corner, ordered a damn expensive coffee to keep me awake at 1 o’clock in the morning, with nothing to do, I focused on people arriving, some will go directly outside to take taxis, and some have someone like me waiting for them, I even saw one old guy, hiding a bunch of roses behind his back, and when the old woman saw him, they hugged and kissed, and they went outside with another two people whom I thought were their kids…. AWWWW! I got that romantic excitement! So touchy! I want a Love like that, age is no reason for you to be sweet to each other. (Sigh)

TERMINAL – Where people arrive and depart, people of different nationalities, different characters, different reasons, with different emotions.

I, myself had been to places, with different reasons in every particular travel that I had, some for pleasure and tours, business purpose, and for working overseas.

I also had different feelings in each travel. Excitement and fear, for my first flight and being on a plane. Joy for a particular vacation, whether out-of-town or out-of-the-country. Who wouldn’t want an escape sometimes?

Heartache, for leaving my children behind to take opportunity abroad, and fear because I don’t know what kind of surprise life has for me.

Nervous, when my company sent me to Thailand to have a meeting with one of our clients. – And Yes, I spent my 2 days between the border of Myanmar and Thailand, without even seeing tourist spots, he he he.Well, what do I expect, it is a duty call. But it was a great experience as our host was very down-to-earth although he is a rich businessman in that place.

Overwhelmed when I went to India to attend one of my colleague’s marriage. People treated me well. Fun, having a 3-day-vacation to Istanbul, Turkey to unwind away from work and pressure.

How many times I picked and dropped my friends to Dubai Terminals? Pick and Drop, Pick and Drop, Damn — PICK.AND.DROP… I envy them during those moments, until after 4 years, I finally got my turn, I surprised my daughter on her graduation day, she never expected that I will be there attending her special moment which I almost missed because my flight was delayed for hours. I finally saw my son who’s already taller than me, my elder daughter, who got my resemblance and almost have same height as mine, my youngest who remains sweet and child at heart. Four years, it changed them a lot. Leaving them again is painful, I saw their sad faces when it’s my time of departure to come back here, they even tried to hide my passport. I hid my tears, pretend I was smiling, we do things for a reason.

Imagine how many stories and feelings these terminals had, from thousands to millions of people passing through it every single day. Just like some people from your life, friends or love ones – they come and go. No matter what, the real ones will stay, not just physically, but in your heart, FOREVER.

And for me, I am still waiting for that moment to meet the one who will stay with me until my last breath here on earth, a true love who deserves the love that I can give in return, to love and to hold, in good or bad times and the one who will never break my heart, but to keep it safe… Yes, I am… When that right moment comes, I will be waiting for you at THE TERMINAL.




A mother, a child, a lover, a dreamer, a pet lover, a hard-headed bitch, a kind-hearted one, a human being with so many questions and depressions. I am ME...

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