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Most Active Blogs: Active Award


I am overwhelmed and surprised to receive a nomination for the Most Active Blogs: Active Award! Yay!!! 🙂 I would like to thank GRABETTY COVENS for nominating me. 🤗🤗🤗

I never imagined that someone will notice my writings and even nominates me. I am a person who loves to write about everything that gets my attention, my environment, the foreign land where I need to work, my depressions and survival through life, the hardship being alone and even wanna try to write some short stories.

GRABETTY COVENS, is a new blogger like me, whom I find worth reading, most of his writings give impact to people who suffered and still suffering in their life journey, it gives inpiration to move forward and endure the pain and be tough, REALITY is most of the people fight a lot to survive, failed, failed and failed, but the good thing is being positive always and to never QUIT! Please check his works and you will never regret following it.

My nominees are:

  1. 231 DAYS OF SUN – Let her bring you and your imagination with her travel adventures, whom she started in Asia, learn the cultures, the good and even the bad. Accompany her in her every step.
  2. THE SHINING GEM – A young, fine writer, who exposes his thoughts about his environment and his country. I admire how he writes his stuffs.
  3. DIVINESPICE – Who doesn’t love FOOOD??? If you are looking some mouth-watering recipes and delicacies visit her page and start to try something new. Yum!
  4. THE GODLY CHIC DIARIES –  Want something to read about faith? Hit her site and you’ll see posts that will give you hope, and make your heart feel lighter.
  5. MOTIVATIONAL & INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES –  Looking for some quotes to read? Then here is the best one for you, as per their title page. 🙂

Nominees, here are the rules:

1) Create a new post stating that you’ve been nominated by me, linking my blog to your post.

2) Nominate other bloggers and let the cycle continue.

Also, you could check out New Blogista and That Girl4Ever who came up with the award.



A mother, a child, a lover, a dreamer, a pet lover, a hard-headed bitch, a kind-hearted one, a human being with so many questions and depressions. I am ME...

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