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12,500 kilometers


A weird start we had, yes it is. You are not mine, I am not yours, but the first glance and stare, it is an instant attraction, everything felt so right. You said you won’t fall in love again, and so do I. That’s clear… No matter how you tried to resist, you fall for me, and no matter how I wanna hide it, I felt the same. So we came to a mutual decision, and it was the greatest moment we had. I must admit, you pulled me from a painful situation and rescued my hopeless heart. I asked myself, did I just used you for my own healing? My answer is No, I haven’t, I never did. I fell, because you are you, I love the way you are loving me, the consistency, for almost two years, you never failed. Yes, the fights and arguments between us are so powerful that many times it made us cried a lot because of the harsh words we’ve said and done. But the magical thing above it all, we still crave to be with each other all the time. Our friends branded us as “crazy motherfuckers”, who cares? Do you? I don’t.  They will never understand, how much laughter, tears and love we are having, that only the two of us can feel.  The peace we can give to each other’s heart, having you makes me feel happy despite of the hindrances and life’s difficulties.

8 hours time difference – didn’t stop us, we always wait for each other, always find ways. We even joked about – we, maybe – fell in love with our mobile phones and laptops rather than each other. Seeing you so close yet so far, that’s so frustrating, it made me shed tears. Longing to touch your face and be in your arms, everyday I asked myself, when?

The only thing I’m scared of, if in time our love will fade… I already felt some changes, is it only me to blame? 12,500 kilometers away and we can’t still be together because of the situations we both have. 12,500 kilometers far from each other, damn that’s a lot to imagine I know it is hard, 12,500 kilometers, that’s too much to feed my crazy mind, 12,500 kilometers and after all these months, will you still love me the same? Is it worth waiting and fighting for? For me it is, I will. Will you?



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