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A Little Hope


I often passes by near this tree, I never paid any attention to it. It was just like other ordinary plants that standing there but seems dead, until today I noticed something, there are small fresh leaves coming out from its branches, which you will not see unless you really take a good glance at it. Looks lifeless but still fighting for its existence. Its uses all resources it can get for a little chance just to be alive.

Funny that I even compared myself to it. How many times I failed and felt so worthless, felt tired of trying to fight and make all things right. The moment that I will finally step up my one foot  to get up from all  of these predicaments of my so-called “perfect life”, bullshits will be pouring at once and will knock me down again. They say, when it rains, it pours, damn fucking its true, it pours me with problems all at the same damn time. I almost gave up, yes, ALMOST! How many times.

But then, I am just like this tree, designed to fight the extreme dry weather. Its roots stands for my soul and will power to survive, I got my armor on, will let all of “them” to throw punches and kick me, making me numb and stronger than ever, until they will be the one who will give up. But not me, it’ll never be me. Use that little hope left in your heart, use it as your own armor to go on and fight for your right in this life.