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Daily Prompt: Tentative

This is my very first time to participate in a Daily Prompt, quite intriguing, but here we go.


I used to have control over my life
guess that was before
I just need to count one to five
& everything is what I hoped for.

Then life becomes so hard
I don’t know how all falls apart
I lost that confidence, caught off-guard
where is that lady who used to be smart?

I need to bring back that confidence
In this world, so harsh & competitive
Or lose it all if I don’t encourage providence
For being afraid and tentative.

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Everyday Story of Massage Cards 

When you wake up in the morning, or let us say any time of the day or night, in a hurry to go to work or wherever, and suddenly you will see these “advertisements” on the driver’s window side, what will you feel? Irritated of course, and just pull it off one by one because you don’t have any choice. This is one of the things you need to deal with everyday of your life if you have a vehicle here. Try by simply parking it, wait for a couple if hours and TADAAAA! There you go, a bunch of massage cards! hell yeah!

There’s more, you will also find them on your flat doors. And parents need to be cautious because children might see it, they are promoting massage but looks like promoting “something else”, – I don’t need to elaborate much, the models are almost naked showing their breasts, which I think images are taken from the internet or so.

The worst and most irritating in my eyes? They add up on the litters from some inconsiderate people who just threw their garbage anywhere they wanted. There are small areas near where you can sit and relax on the ground, chit-chat with friends (like a picnic thing) and in the morning you will see garbage left that every morning poor cleaners need to pick up. Duh! You have a place to enjoy with, be sensible enough to pick up your trash! SMH!

This Massage-Card-Thing is a common problem in some areas here in UAE. As far as I know authorities already fined or caught some, but there are lots of hard-headed people who just keeps on popping up and still doing it. Damn, these guys really have the guts to do some mess here. I’ll leave it for now, hope this issue will be solved soon.

(pic below is from my friend this morning – at least hers are organized)