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Until When The Heart Will Wait?

Until when the heart will wait?
and what if one loses faith?
Letting go, being afraid
Can you swear there’ll be no hate?

Tell me now if I need to walk away
Do not be shy, it is better this way
No matter how it hurts you need to say
I’ll understand ev’rything come what may

Thinking too much, you thought I am insane
You said you love me, all are still the same
Words are irrelevant, ain’t playing game
Take some action, don’t put this all in vain.


via Daily Prompt: Irrelevant

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Samsung Pay

A couple of months back Samsung launched its Samsung Pay app, where you can pay using your mobile phone rather than bringing or giving your cards to the counter. All you need to do is to install the app, register your card and create a Samsung PIN and you are good to go, I found this handy especially if you forgot your wallet or card at home.

They also offer promotions which you need to check from time to time, I guess it also depends which country you are at, your bank and if it’s under Visa or MasterCard. I installed it on the first month it was introduced but never tried it until yesterday when I went out with an old friend whom I am seeing once or twice a year. We had a late lunch, early dinner at McDonald’s and there was an offer of 50% off if you use your Samsung Pay, I remember I have one installed so I grabbed my phone, and damn I forgot my Samsung PIN (Which I need to retrieve and took me 15 minutes to do so). Yeah, we rather wait, 50% is 50% who wouldn’t want that? Everybody loves discounts. So if you have one check promotions in your area and enjoy all the offers you can get. ♥♥♥