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Photo Credit: Gable Denims

I need to travel

I need to unwind

I need a long break

Just once in a while


via Daily Prompt: Pamper

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Just You & Me


Tonight, it’s just you and me
Both sitting on the edge of the table
candle light dinner never gets old
So romantic no one wanted to utter words
Just the stare, reading each other’s mind
Speak, do you feel the emotions bind?
Should I say it first, hell! I’m like under your spell
Or not, will I wait for you to tell?
Felt the beads of sweat on my forehead
Goddamn I hate waiting like this, go ahead.
Baby, it’s either you or me, don’t play smart
No one’s here, common let us start
You looked at me with your eyes tantalizing
oh please stop it I hate the teasing
I won’t fall for that even if you look appealing
For goodness sake! don’t just sit and chill
It’s your fucking turn to pay the bill!