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Daily Prompt: Focused


Photo Credit: Andrea Di Mauro

This is your moment, concentrate

Be brave, take that spotlight

Conquer your dreams, navigate

don’t give up without a fight

Feel that pain, agony, ache

After, be ready for the victory, gain

for no man’s born with an easy path

One at a time, stop the rush

Stay Focused, you’re on the right track

Via Daily Prompt: Focused

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Where Do You Find Courage?


Photo Credit: Blend_Boost 

where do you find courage?
to wake up everyday
same daily old routine
working like a machine

where has the passion gone?
sitting here all day long
all stress here and there
have stress everywhere

where do you find courage?
to do it everyday
yet you knew it kills you
sadly you can’t quit too

where has the passion gone?
having it back takes courage
you need to be strong
find yourself by your own

where do you find courage?
act now or just never
be like this forever
All but you, be clever