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Just One Word: Launch!

Just one word
and some lives may end
Just one word
we’ll have again the worst event

Just one word from these powerful leaders – innocent lives will be at risk. I maybe not smart to say things like this, what do I know? Nothing, I am just an ordinary person who sees the scandalous news, I am nothing, my voice doesn’t mean anything! But, I will still say what I wanted to, for I am a mother who have young children who may suffer from whatever outcome it may have.

World leaders are in their positions because they were capable of, people voted them because they believed, some inherited the power from their family. People rely on them and their leadership hoping they can make the government better. And so they thought.

One bad decision and they can make it worst. Two of world’s powerful leaders are having  “WAR OF WORDS” that’s been circulating the news these days. Threatening, provoking and having blunt statements towards each other. Do they need to prove who is a better man than who?

Seriously, before threatening to begin a war and nuke each other’s countries and allies. Be sensible enough that there are innocent people who will suffer, die and be affected. Sending your military to kill human against human while you both are safe wherever you will be just giving commands? Not fair.  If you both wanna prove something, who is better, take a match via MMA and broadcast it to media so everybody’s attention will be yours both.


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It’s The Time Of The Month


It’s the time of the month
butt aching, back hurting
hands throbbing
all are cramming

It’s the time of the month
pen, calculators and files ready
eight hours and more, be steady
all needs to be done correctly

It’s the time of the month
all are stressed
reports that they request
Oh dear! I need a rest

It’s the time of the month
when Tylenol is my ally
Migraine are here to stay
if only I can run away

It’s the time of the month
Multi-Tasking & responsibility
Attack! Attack! Again here’s my anxiety!
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