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Crazy Beautiful Mind

Hi there, I’ve been idle and missing in action for quite a while. REASON – I was in a bit confusion regarding – whether or not I’ll stay or leave. I got no choice, I need to decide and finally told myself, I need to, I’m sorry but I need to. For 30 hours more or less awake, red eyes wide opened, haggard-looking, hair uncombed and not even having a goddamn shower for more than a day!  Now, that I will call – uncomfortable, disgusting feeling.

One of my friends booked me and grabbed the cheapest flight ticket available that day, agreeing to it without realizing that I need to wait and stay in Hong Kong (transit) for 21 hours. Just Great!. I agreed. And thought it’ll be fine. Was expecting I will be meeting a friend outside, but because I was too dumb to follow my countrymen I went with them in a queue to ask the guard (she is in between the line so to ask her you need to go with the line). To make the story short I ended up inside the boarding gate area and I cannot go outside from there. My brain is in chaos so yeah, I was a little distracted.

It was horrible to wait like this. I will never do this again.

So back on the topic, I am changing the blog title to


And also the domain/site name from to

WHY- because I’ve decided to just stay here (Philippines) and start something new, it took me more than two weeks to arrange things and come up to a new name, even asked a friend for this decision. I’ve chosen this new site name because I have a crazy and at the same time a beautiful mind, will continue to write as usual like poetry, and anything that might bump my head. 😚

Although the beginning and soul of this blog is about me being an expatriate, domain name won’t be related anymore with things I might write or so, as I am an expatriate no more. I hope you’ll still be with me, thanks for the support in advance. ❤❤❤

Diana Leigh



A mother, a child, a lover, a dreamer, a pet lover, a hard-headed bitch, a kind-hearted one, a human being with so many questions and depressions. I am ME...

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