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Daily Prompt: Circle


The circle of Life

Life that will turn to dust

Dust where you came from

From the day you were born

Born and live a meaningful life

Life is a circle.


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Just One Word: Launch!

Just one word
and some lives may end
Just one word
we’ll have again the worst event

Just one word from these powerful leaders – innocent lives will be at risk. I maybe not smart to say things like this, what do I know? Nothing, I am just an ordinary person who sees the scandalous news, I am nothing, my voice doesn’t mean anything! But, I will still say what I wanted to, for I am a mother who have young children who may suffer from whatever outcome it may have.

World leaders are in their positions because they were capable of, people voted them because they believed, some inherited the power from their family. People rely on them and their leadership hoping they can make the government better. And so they thought.

One bad decision and they can make it worst. Two of world’s powerful leaders are having  “WAR OF WORDS” that’s been circulating the news these days. Threatening, provoking and having blunt statements towards each other. Do they need to prove who is a better man than who?

Seriously, before threatening to begin a war and nuke each other’s countries and allies. Be sensible enough that there are innocent people who will suffer, die and be affected. Sending your military to kill human against human while you both are safe wherever you will be just giving commands? Not fair.  If you both wanna prove something, who is better, take a match via MMA and broadcast it to media so everybody’s attention will be yours both.


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Daily Prompt: Focused


Photo Credit: Andrea Di Mauro

This is your moment, concentrate

Be brave, take that spotlight

Conquer your dreams, navigate

don’t give up without a fight

Feel that pain, agony, ache

After, be ready for the victory, gain

for no man’s born with an easy path

One at a time, stop the rush

Stay Focused, you’re on the right track

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Until When The Heart Will Wait?

Until when the heart will wait?
and what if one loses faith?
Letting go, being afraid
Can you swear there’ll be no hate?

Tell me now if I need to walk away
Do not be shy, it is better this way
No matter how it hurts you need to say
I’ll understand ev’rything come what may

Thinking too much, you thought I am insane
You said you love me, all are still the same
Words are irrelevant, ain’t playing game
Take some action, don’t put this all in vain.


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Can’t you see how much you waste?
Spending money for a piece of cake
Then throw it if you don’t like the taste
Be considerate for goodness sake.

Children around the world are starving
No clean water and food in their intestines
Every day, thousands of ‘em are dying
It’s not too late, we can start giving.

Think before you throw that piece of crumb
Give some love and attention, let us now start
Look at the needy, don’t be so numb
A little of something will give smile to a child’s heart.


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