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Everyday Story of Massage Cards 

When you wake up in the morning, or let us say any time of the day or night, in a hurry to go to work or wherever, and suddenly you will see these “advertisements” on the driver’s window side, what will you feel? Irritated of course, and just pull it off one by one because you don’t have any choice. This is one of the things you need to deal with everyday of your life if you have a vehicle here. Try by simply parking it, wait for a couple if hours and TADAAAA! There you go, a bunch of massage cards! hell yeah!

There’s more, you will also find them on your flat doors. And parents need to be cautious because children might see it, they are promoting massage but looks like promoting “something else”, – I don’t need to elaborate much, the models are almost naked showing their breasts, which I think images are taken from the internet or so.

The worst and most irritating in my eyes? They add up on the litters from some inconsiderate people who just threw their garbage anywhere they wanted. There are small areas near where you can sit and relax on the ground, chit-chat with friends (like a picnic thing) and in the morning you will see garbage left that every morning poor cleaners need to pick up. Duh! You have a place to enjoy with, be sensible enough to pick up your trash! SMH!

This Massage-Card-Thing is a common problem in some areas here in UAE. As far as I know authorities already fined or caught some, but there are lots of hard-headed people who just keeps on popping up and still doing it. Damn, these guys really have the guts to do some mess here. I’ll leave it for now, hope this issue will be solved soon.

(pic below is from my friend this morning – at least hers are organized)

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Living in Dubai – The “Surots” (Bed Bugs)

“EEEEEWWWW!!!” This will be your hair-raising scream once you see these pests!

BED BUGS will be one of the most hate thing here in U.A.E. In my 30+ years of existence here on earth, never have I ever seen a bed bug, at least not in my home country, maybe we have there but not same like this. When I arrived here and stayed with my friend looking for a job, we stayed in a 3 bedroom flat somewhere in Bur Dubai with Filipino men and women, at night I will be awaken with something that’s crawling on my neck, my arms or my legs, at first I taught it was just a normal cockroach or I am just dreaming, and I usually ignores it. Or I am also too much occupied thinking that time what will be my life here in Dubai or because I am too tired for the all-day-searching-job and walking.

Until one day, my friend asked me “have you seen any bedbugs yet?” and then he explained to me this and that and so on. He even showed me one, and killed it by pinching it with a tissue, hearing a “TIK” sound and there’s the blood spat. YUCK!
After a month, me and my friend shift to another flat, and there I saw the worst. Too much of them! Under the mattress, walls, even roof, (Just please help me re-imagine that scene) So, these are the ones bugging me at night. Again after a month I was luckily hired but the company is located a bit far from where I am staying at, so I need to change flat again and leave Bur Dubai after 2 months of being there. In here, only 4 ladies in 1 studio flat. Still, I am / we are encountering bed bugs sometimes, even though we clean our stuffs and flat always, still they visit us, LOL!!! Regular insect sprays will not eliminate them totally. But at least its better here than before and I’ve learned how to deal with them, almost.
You will know yourself if these creatures are invading your place when you feel itchy, will have tiny bite marks, or will never have a good damn sleep.! There will also some signs like some black spots on your mattress, side of your bed or cabinets.


So, how can you get rid of this? For me the best solution is to call a PEST CONTROL and let them do the thing. But we can not always do this right??? And it will cost us how much in Dirhams?
Other solution is to keep your house clean, AS IN CLEAN! No Excuses if you want to get rid of this. Checking the mattress, pillows, beds, clothes and so on. Check thoroughly if you decided to buy second-hand furniture. Sometimes even we know to ourselves that we are clean, and we are cleaning regularly, still we are not safe, because this pests can be brought to your home by your friends from their home, or your flat-mates from wherever they went day by day. Just maintain a regular cleaning and checking because it can multiply very fast and bed bugs are a very good survivor.

Guys, are they welcome in your place? For me, it’s a BIG NO! NO! as they will give you nightmares, stress, itching and scratches, and the worst, when you have visitors and notice that you have “pets” lurking in your flat how are you able to explain them? It’s a shame. Here are some tips from wikiHow on how to get rid of them. Have a safe and free bed bug life. ♥♥♥
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Living in Dubai – RULES & SAFETY

Abide the rules of this country and be safe.

Tell me any country that doesn’t have a law… None?

In every land, there will be their own rules, which we need to abide, no matter how weird or hard it is to follow. Respect each country’s regulations and don’t get yourself into a predicament afterwards.

UAE has been known to be one of the countries that have the lowest violent crime rate in the world. No matter how many expatriates live in this land, they are very strict on implementing their laws doesn’t matter wherever country you came from. (Crime in the United Arab Emirates)

Some of the Don’ts here in UAE are:

  • Proper dress code – Dress modestly especially in conservative and public ares – this applies for residents and visitors. Shorts and T-shirts are fine, but prohibited inside a mosque and other religious sites.
  • Cross-dressing is a big NO, it might lead you to detainment by authorities once caught.
  • Do not sleep or eat inside a Metro Station/Train, Bus and waiting areas (Fine AED 100.00)
  • Unauthorized ride on Gold Class and Female section of the train (Fine AED 100.00)
  • Public display of Affection, although holding hands are acceptable, kissing and hugging in public are not.
  • Drinking in public areas, you can drink inside your home only if you have permit, or go to some hotels or bars that serves alcohol.
  • Taking pictures or videos and uploading it, especially without the permission of the person, that person can file a complaint against you.
  • Showing bad hand gesture and speaking bad language is also not allowed.
  • During the Holy month of Ramadan, non-fasting and visitors should be very sensible to follow certain etiquette strictly like (no drinking and eating publicly, proper dress code, smoking, bars should not operate on this 30 day period)
  • The following are also considered illegal: use or possession of drugs, cohabitation, sex outside of marriage, having a baby out-of-wedlock, adultery and homosexuality
  • an-american-woman-has-been-in-an-abu-dhabi-jail-for-two-months-for-insulting-the-united-arab-emirates

So if you can’t follow these simple rules, then stay out of this country because they really implement these things, unless you wanna be deported or serve terms inside the cell. Abiding simple laws and rules makes the people here more responsible with their actions.

And for the SAFETY? Yes, I do feel safe here. Ambulance and police will respond to a situation within minutes, they deploy mobiles regularly rounding and checking in every corner of their jurisdiction. And when you accidentally left your valuable in a place, very rare that someone will take it, either it is still there or someone will bring it to a lost and found section. Being safe also depends on you and how you behave in a foreign land.

For more information visit the link below

Dubai Police & Ambulance Emergency Number – 999

Dubai General Laws and Regulations

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Living in Dubai – PEOPLE

As an expat, the things you need to know being in a foreign country aside from shelter, food, temperature, are… ITS PEOPLE…

Changing your environment is not that smooth as you can imagine, especially if you will be away from your home the very first time, adjusting your life in a strange land will take time. One of the factors that affect us are the one who surrounds us.

“Mag-adjust na nga lang sa kapwa mo kababayan ang hirap minsan, ibang lahi pa kaya?” (Dealing with your own countrymen are sometimes difficult, what more with other nationalities?)

Good thing for first time Overseas Filipino Workers, UAE doesn’t give much hassle to adjust with its residents, you know why? You will see almost all establishments have Filipino “kabayan” (fellow countryman). This also applies with other nationalities here, expatriates from different parts of the world reside and work here, UAE is on the top 10 countries where expatriates choose to live and have a job.

Either you will live and work with your own country people, other nationalities and combinations (for big companies). You will not be only seeing locals here (Arabs) rather than a bunch of expatriates from all over the world.

Most Expatriates that resides here are from:

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Philippines
  • Iran
  • Egypt
  • Nepal
  • Sri Lanka
  • Syria
  • China
  • UK
  • and so on, if you wanna check the full list of expats, visit Ethnicity of UAE Immigrants

Don’t worry much of your English knowledge and accent, you will be fine, this is not a Western Country that you need to be, hmmmmm, slang, good at diction and pronunciation, not everyone can articulate English well. Although you will meet different kinds of people here from different parts of the world, the thing you need to worry is how to deal with each and everyone of them, their attitudes and characteristics, which I think are the same when dealing with your own countrymen, there will be irritating, rude, sensitive, lazy, kind and arrogant. The government here treats people equally, and there are rules about being racist and all which is strictly prohibited. So if you wanna show your bad manners here, I suggest that you won’t.

I’ve been living here for almost 6 years. In general, UAE residents and locals are fine and there’s not much to be afraid of, in fact I feel safe here and already built friendship with my co-workers, their families and others. Let me consider myself lucky being with other nationalities who treats me well and even as their own family.


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Living in Dubai – FOOD

So here we are, we got some information regarding the house/space rents. Your shelter is OK? Now let’s talk about the “food” here in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates in general.

If you think you gonna be missing so much Filipino Cuisines here, nah!!! Almost everything are available in this land. From your fave pansit canton, vegetables, itlog na pula, sardines (cans), GG (galung-gong) and even TUYO (dried fish) which other nationalities hate too much to smell. LOL!!! 🤣🤣🤣 – but beware tuyo here are expensive “ginto” ika nga, the tuyo that we hate sometimes back home – “lagi na lang tuyo ulam” is kinda gold here… If you miss cooking pork, don’t worry, selected supermarkets are selling them. Also available are ingredients like mama cita, magic sarap, patis (fish sauce), bagoong (fish paste) and so on.





Or if 1 day you are that too lazy to cook, there are lots of Filipino well-known restaurants here, our very own Jollibee (🎵🎤I love you Sabado 🎤🎵) already invaded Dubai, Chowking, Max’s, Cabalen, Lamesa and so on. There are also some small Filipino restaurants which serves home-made cuisines like adobo, bicol express, bulalo, sisig and more, it’s real “nagkalat sila” (they are everywhere).

Adjusting your taste buds are not that hard.

I am sure you will also enjoy other cuisines. You are in the Middle East, so why not try some Arabic delicacies? Which I guarantee you will never regret. Try the Hummus, tabouleh (salad), kebab, shawarma, falafel and many more.😛😛😛



laham mishwee

Indian Cuisines are also one of the main food here, why? The number one expatriates living here in the UAE are from India, next are from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines and so on. Honestly never have I ever taught of enjoying this delicacies with some of their freaky spicy food, all my colleagues are from South India, so what do you expect? You can try their Biryani (fish, mutton or chicken – 1st photo below), appam, puttu or South Indian combination of different vegetables serve on a banana leaf (2nd photo below)



So, if you are not that “maarte” (picky), you don’t need to adjust much with what you eat back from your home country, because ALMOST Everything are available here, from Asian cuisines like Philippines, China, Japan, Thailand, India etc, to Western, Arabic and many more.♥♥♥


Photos from google images

For sure, One thing that we will search in a country we will be staying at is its Temperature… and what do you expect here in the Middle East? 😅😅😅

There are only 2 Seasons here in UAE, Summer and Winter.

  1. Summer

    The scorching sun will melt you! Literally!

All establishments here are fully equipped with AC (Air Conditioners). It is a MUST! Your workplace, trains, buses, even bus stop cubicles has it. Why? During summer season, normal temperature outside is 38℃ – 42℃, it gets worse sometimes and hitting 50℃ plus, getting out from your building can be like, you are roasting yourself, imagine a burning charcoal in front of you, water coming out from your shower will really hurt you.  Yes, but it is real. Summer here usually starts from March to October. Expats like me are already used to this kind of weather.

Pity for those who work outside as construction laborers, that’s why during this season, when the temperature hit its worst and can’t be bearable for human, the government here will not allow construction companies to work in the middle of the day but to adjust it until evening to avoid accident and health risk issues.

But hey, don’t be upset that much because summer time is also BEACH TIME!  


Beach goers and lovers can still enjoy the sand during this season, some chose to be under the sun early in the morning or late in the afternoon like 6 pm, during this period the sun can’t do damage on your skin. Here is Dubai, beaches are now one of the destination you can enjoy and relax, which also offer beach activities/sports and running tracks.

and when it RAINS??? When this happens, it’s a sign that it is changing its Season. Means, it is just in between the summer and winter season exchange.

       2. Winter

Let that “BOOTS” out from that closet!

“During the winter season it has an average daytime temperature of 25 °C (77 °F). Nighttime temperatures near the coastline range between 12 °C (54 °F)-15 °C (59 °F), while in the desert they are 5 °C (41 °F) with the nights being relatively cool throughout the year.” Climate of Dubai

Oh Yes baby, we have Winter season here in UAE, and you can and will enjoy this time of the year, this season usually starts from November to February. And it’s time for you to change your outfit, put back those summer dress inside your closet, bring out those sweaters and boots and take advantage of this short period of time climate.  Snow here is real, but once it does, you need to hurry because it won’t last for long. It is during this period that you can enjoy more of having city tours, desert drive adventures, camping, dhow cruise and other tour activities.

1 image from google search

So choose which season would you like to be here in UAE. Cheers!

Living in Dubai – TEMPERATURE

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Living in Dubai – RENT

As I mentioned on my previous blog, the most expensive thing here in Dubai is your house rent, for bed space only (bunk bed) the average payment is AED650.00 or PHP9,000.00 as of our rate today in the Philippines, sometimes including DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority), most of the time it is NOT, and electricity might cost you AED100-150 a month per person depends on the season (Winter/Summer) so all the people in that flat will share the cost. Usually, Flat tenants here accept more bed-spacers than required, some to get additional income, others just to have someone to share the high cost. If you want to feel more comfortable and have privacy, then pay more. Most Filipinos prefer for the cheaper one, and some don’t have a choice because you also need to budget your salary every month, and average starting salary here is AED2,000.00 – AED2,500.00 depending what position/company you are in, and it might increase as you are getting more experience here.


BUNK BED (DOUBLE DECK) as shown above pictures are the common space you can own here. With only curtain or a piece of cloth on the sides to make your own privacy, there are for ladies only, for bachelors only and MOSTLY COMBINED 😦 what to do yani? In here even couples share in a bed space to cut the cost, and just imagine how they do that ‘Thing” with someone sleeping up or down of the bunk bed, well, as they call it here, KALIWALI. People here, mostly kabayans can adjust easily, as long as it is NOT too much disturbing and irritating.


PARTITION, a “little privacy”, a room but not really a room. What? Yes, there are many types of it, the first one, you will have a small space, sometimes curtain only or the wood divider/cover or wood partition as they call it. Partition ranges from AED900 to AED1,800 inclusive/exclusive of DEWA (depends on the owner) and this prices also depends on the location in Dubai / UAE you are living. It hurts a lot on someone’s pocket to pay that much just to have your own peace and privacy for yourself.

And take note that even you have your own partition or room or bed space, being peaceful still relies on whom you are sharing the flat with, and the flat owner. How clean they are, how noisy, how trustworthy and so on are some of the factors you need to consider for living here.

As we are getting closer to Expo2020, prices are getting much higher and higher especially for RENT and many are taking advantage of this and the salary is almost not getting better. To own a studio flat starts at AED35,000 per year without the agency fees, electricity deposits and so on, imagine the cost of a 1 Bedroom flat? Some people chose to travel to other Emirates which offers cheaper rents, but need to endure the traffic, petrol cost, and long travel either via public transportation or own vehicle.

Lucky are those who are provided by company accommodation, I mean good companies where you can share with 1 or 2 colleagues in 1 room, or for you a, one if you are in a High Rank position. Pity for those average workers who needs to tighten their budget and still sends money to their family back home. Reality check, living abroad is not a bed of roses. There are lots of difficulties in so many aspects. Don’t expect everything here are FINE. They are NOT, but the high spirit of workers especially Filipinos here are extra ordinary, we can still smile and go on despite the struggles we are facing. All for the love of our family back home. 🙂

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