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5 Reasons Why There Are Broken Relationships

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Remembering a bit of – Amazing India

“Diana, I am inviting you to my wedding” Anish exclaimed!

Anish – a good friend of mine since 2015, he is one of our company Auditor, hearing this good news from him made me excited. I replied “Wow! You’ve finally decided to settle drown, errrr down I mean, welcome to the crazy world!” I was laughing. Getting an invitation like this makes me proud, he even offered me a place to stay in India. As much as I wanna be there on his special day, it’s not the good time for me to travel this month, first of all, I just came from my vacation in the Philippines, and I need to sort some expenses and bills here. So, financial wise, it is not possible. Glad that he understood why I can’t. But Anyways, Congratulations bro and sis. (picture below)


This is not my first time to get an invitation and the venue will be in – KERALA, INDIA, the first one was from my colleague Jijin last 2014 which I attended, expenses were arranged by him and our company, all of us are present, I just need to worry about my pocket-money, which I didn’t spent much because I stayed with my Boss’ house with his family and parents. I was treated very well, I felt special. And talking about a traditional wedding, and staying with a conservative family, I need to set aside my pants and tights, and wear a churidar, I choose this because I can’t wear sari, and can’t afford it either, he he he their visitors also are overwhelming, it’s like you need to invite the whole town, just look at the photos below, they were actually relatives of both sides, and this photo wearing white dress uhmmm, is me, with one of the sweet little lady who never wanted to leave my side from day one she saw me. 🙂

Visiting this place made me feel I was like in my home country, the Philippines. The weather, the trees, mountains and landscapes are similar, with a little difference on how they built their houses and I praise them for still wearing their traditional/national dress until this day. I just hate one thing in that place, the way they drive at night with the high beam on — all the time, scares the hell outta me and praying that I will be able to get back home safe. All in all, how the people welcomed and treated me, their food preparation, the temples I visited are all thumbs up. And the most exciting one is their famous — House Boat/Kettuvallam, either you choose to rent it over night or just to take the tour for hours, rooms are available, you can do fishing and cooking inside while watching the scenery of the place.


My stories are not enough how to describe in general this amazing place, because where I stayed and  what I saw were just a small, small, small part of their culture, tourism and land. There are a lot more to see, and I am hoping that one day I can return again to visit more places or another state.

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Trending Worldwide – Broken Promises

Broken promises, relationships, and marriage, a common thing now? As we hit the new generation, more and more cases of broken families are there. As if, it’s already normal for people to marry and then divorce or get annulment/separation after a while, or be in a relationship then separate after a while and jump to another as if they were changing clothes. This is not usual in the Philippines before, as I knew when I am still a child, couples try to save the marriage as much as possible, for the sake of the children, reputation and so on.

But as time passes by, separation and annulment in my country became a normal trend… What are the common causes of this break-ups?

Maybe some of it are:

1) INFIDELITY – or cheating, or adultery, or having an affair. Call it whatever you want, still, it’s the same. The most excruciating feeling a partner could ever feel (believe me it is), is to be in this situation. I don’t know why this one becomes on the top list reason, maybe…

  • LOVE IS GONE? – There could be a lot of reasons why someone falls out of love with their partner.
  • SEX-EXCITEMENT – When the bed gets boring the situation gets tough, or when one of you are not that active in sex anymore. Time will come that by there will be more responsibilities, kids are there, work pressure, financial status and so on. There could be a lot of changes even on your sex activities, sometimes one prefers to sleep and take rest rather than to do that intimacy on the bed.
  • APPRECIATION/CARE – Admit that men and women need appreciation and caring from their partner. A simple “Thank you” or “I love you” means a lot and can change a lot. If one fails to have this, sometimes a partner feels unwanted or unloved which sometimes lead the other half seek attention from someone else. Correct me if I am wrong.
  • EGO – Some men/women check or want to know if they are still attractive to opposite sex so they will try their charisma, the problem is if this re-checking gets worst and puts you in a situation you can never go back.
  • Or simply, your partner is just a CHEATER… PERIOD!!!

2) ATTITUDE – It is not just INFIDELITY or cheating your partner are the reasons why couples decide to part their ways. ATTITUDE is a BIG FACTOR. During the first three years of marriage/living together, we call it as an ADJUSTMENT PERIOD, learning how to accept each other’s positive and negative aspects, embracing one’s weaknesses. Letting each other to know their likes and dislikes, do’s and don’ts in a relationship.

But if one of you can’t adjust during this period, being together is just as tough as you can imagine and one will always think how to get out of this relationship whatever it takes.

3) FINANCIAL STATUS – Let’s admit it, financial stability is very important. Especially if you are having children. It is very essential to work together and help each other during this situation, never to give up or leave each other during the hard times. But if one of you is like not doing anything or just not taking this predicament seriously, then a partner may give up in time.

4) LACK OF TRUST – No trust is like NO relationship at all. There’s no point of being together if you don’t trust your better half. Too much jealousy in a relationship is not healthy at all. We will sometimes create our own monster inside our head and once we feed it with suspicions with no basis the endless fight will begin.

5) RESPECT – They say, time will come that the love will fade. This happens, even with married people who are still together. This aspect is very important, Never lose the respect for each other. When you have respect to your partner, even if the love fades away as years gone by, you can still try to work on it and regain the love for each other. If not, you will still have a GOOD relationship after the marriage and this will be the BEST thing ever, not just for the both of you but for the SAKE of your kids (if you have).


REMEMBER, in every broken marriage or relationships the real victim here are the kids (if you have one), not the couple. We should always consider our children in every decision we make, but…

We will always have our own reasons why we can’t hold on anymore, but whatever those reasons are, let us try to educate and explain further to our children in way that they can understand why we need to make such decisions, guide them because it can create a great impact into their personality as they grow old. There could be more reasons out there why partners decided to put end to a relationship. This is just my own point of view and what I’ve seen.

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