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Where Do You Find Courage?


Photo Credit: Blend_Boost 

where do you find courage?
to wake up everyday
same daily old routine
working like a machine

where has the passion gone?
sitting here all day long
all stress here and there
have stress everywhere

where do you find courage?
to do it everyday
yet you knew it kills you
sadly you can’t quit too

where has the passion gone?
having it back takes courage
you need to be strong
find yourself by your own

where do you find courage?
act now or just never
be like this forever
All but you, be clever

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Photo Credit: Natta Summerky – Lost in Rain

A hidden beauty
complicated pretty mind
Let them discover

no need to worry
Go spread your wings and fly
Be afraid no more

have perseverance
Stop not, Get your tool, Get up!
Take the risk, dream high. ©

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Until When The Heart Will Wait?

Until when the heart will wait?
and what if one loses faith?
Letting go, being afraid
Can you swear there’ll be no hate?

Tell me now if I need to walk away
Do not be shy, it is better this way
No matter how it hurts you need to say
I’ll understand ev’rything come what may

Thinking too much, you thought I am insane
You said you love me, all are still the same
Words are irrelevant, ain’t playing game
Take some action, don’t put this all in vain.


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Can’t you see how much you waste?
Spending money for a piece of cake
Then throw it if you don’t like the taste
Be considerate for goodness sake.

Children around the world are starving
No clean water and food in their intestines
Every day, thousands of ‘em are dying
It’s not too late, we can start giving.

Think before you throw that piece of crumb
Give some love and attention, let us now start
Look at the needy, don’t be so numb
A little of something will give smile to a child’s heart.


(picture taken from google images search)

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Daily Prompt: Tentative

This is my very first time to participate in a Daily Prompt, quite intriguing, but here we go.


I used to have control over my life
guess that was before
I just need to count one to five
& everything is what I hoped for.

Then life becomes so hard
I don’t know how all falls apart
I lost that confidence, caught off-guard
where is that lady who used to be smart?

I need to bring back that confidence
In this world, so harsh & competitive
Or lose it all if I don’t encourage providence
For being afraid and tentative.

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Romancing My Anxiety


I am afraid of my future
I am afraid of my past
don’t know until when I will torture,
torture myself and when it will last

I tried a lot to survive
but why all is in vain?
Is it this hard to be alive
in a world full of pain?

I can feel the palpitation of my heart
every time, all the time, I’m keeping the fear inside
this can’t continue, I need to start
this is my life, and I need to fight! I need to fight!

For years, I am Romancing my Anxiety,
caressing it like a lover in my arm
allowing my fears to consume my soul and sanity
say no more, say no more… From today, you can do no harm.©