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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I want to give you a kiss

A kiss that will be one of a kind

A kiss that you’ve never experienced before

A kiss from a man who will never do you wrong

and you’ll always be able to count on,

A kiss so filled with love you’ll never want a kiss from another

A kiss so filled with love you’ll always remember

A kiss so filled with love you’ll smile and ask for more

A kiss so memorable you’ll tell even your grandchildren

That kiss will be from me to you and for all time…

I love you


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

photo from: google search – steven klein photography

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The Last Poetry


Love so strong, felt so deep

thousands miles away, my heart leaps

unconditional, Yes! I want to keep

or so I thought, you just made me weep.


betrayal, abuse, & lack of trust

you choose to hate, decision’s unjust

A lesson learned, to unloved you is a must.

The last poetry I’ll write for you, what has been done will last.




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Abstract Love

Loving him is like an art 

Though the complicated one

Not an ordinary art 

Let’s call it an abstract love

Few can ever understand

It might take a strong, brave heart 

To try and to hold his hand.

If not, it’ll push them apart.

Like an art, like an abstract

Going deeper and deeper 

Learn to swim, know the fact

Wait, you’ll see, it’ll get better

Loving him is like an Art

You’ll never see the beauty

Accept, see,  & use your heart

Why he’s like an Abstract Art.

Diana Leigh©

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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How I Wish?

How I wish

I can heal the wounds 

That pierced our hearts

That caused us so much hurt

How I wish

Old things were used to be

Laughter, tears of frienship

Petty quarels and secrets

No, they will never be the same

How I wish

I can still make you smile

Talk about life, yours and mine

The crazy things, made us feel light.

But things went different

Unintentional things happened

À promise that was broken

Friendship that will never end, ended..

How I wish, How I wish?